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Care Foundation Indonesia Children with Special Needs ( YIPABK ) in collaboration with the Institute of Training for parents and teachers , the College of Allied Educators ( CAE ) Indonesia , learning opportunities for teachers and parents in order to equip themselves with knowledge and skills in terms of identification of developmental disorders and learning disorders experienced by children , as well as understand the treatment intervention model .

Learning opportunities in the form of financial aid – scholarships – to teachers and parents of children with special needs to participate in training programs organized by the College of Allied Educators Indonesia. Training programs are open to YIPABK is funded by:

Handling Children with Special Needs Training for Teachers and Parents (full and partial scholarships)

Advanced diploma training special education (Advance Diploma in Special Education) . (Full and partial scholarships)

Training teachers / shadow (shadow teacher); purpose equip teachers in the schools that accept children with the condition of specificity in order to have the skills to handle the special needs children. (Full scholarship)

Training per module ( short course or intensive course ) for Child Psychology , Autism , ADHD , Learning Disabilities , Behavioral Treatment Therapy ( ABA ) , and Understanding Speech & Language Development Disorders at ABK .  


Full scholarship: the entire cost of training is borne by YIPABK

Some scholarship: training costs are borne 50 % ( percent ) by YIPABK .  

Eligibility for scholarships this training:

Make a written request contains the basic desire or motivation to get training scholarships. Also include training programs that want to follow!

Attach bio-data (curriculum vitae) Willing to participate in the action / social activities Indonesian Foundation Child Care Special Needs ( YIPABK ) .  

For those of you – teachers and parents – who had a great desire to help the handling growth and development and education of children with special needs , please send the required documents to the address :

Electronic ( email ) :

Or by postal mail to the address:

Office YIPABK Gd . Menara Kuningan , Unit F2 Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Block X – 7 kav.5 Jakarta Selatan, 12940

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