Hanifah (Clinical Psychologist in Peony Kids Centre)

Play therapy is a very meaningful experience for me.  From play therapy I can find and explore myself more.  Not only that but I can help children with emotional problems, social skills problem and also behavioural problem.  I had a deeper understanding about the child and can get more into them.  I really recommend play therapy not only for the child but also for us as an adult.    

Adora Rinanda Ridwan Razid, Pemerhati dan Orangtua anak berkebutuhan khusus

"Selain sebagai ibu dengan satu anak berkebutuhan khusus (ADHD), sehari-hari saya juga bekerja di Yayasan Aspirasi Muslimah Indonesia. Mengikuti PTKP2I adalah inisiatif dari diri pribadi. Alhamdulilah, saya akhirnya mendapatkan beasiswa dari YIPABK untuk belajar PTKP2I untuk SD di CAE. Di Yayasan saya bekerja di divisi manajemen mutu. Tugas saya adalah melihat pengelolaan bagaimanaprosedur-prosedur di unit-unit sekolah harus dijalankan, salah satunya untuk program pendidikan anak berkebutuhan khusus. Setelah belajar PTKP2I, saya baru tahu ternyata ada beberapa jenis anak berkebutuhan khusus, lalu dari tiap jenis punya ciri-ciri sendiri lagi. Masing-masing gejala atau gangguan tumbuh kembang mempunyai penanganan yang berbeda antara yang satu dengan yang lainnya."

Sri Milfayetty (guru besar Universtas Negeri Medan dan konselor)

"Setelah melakasanakan pendidikan play therapy saya merasa lebih mantap dan profesional dalam membantu anak-anak yang mengalami gangguan emosi, gangguan sosial, hiperaktif dan gangguan pengendalian diri. Selama pendidikan dan praktik klinis, saya merasa supervisor sangat efektif dalam melaksanakan fungsinya, sehingga keyakinan diri saya menjadi lebih kuat untuk melaksanakan play terapy . Saya juga merasakan adanya pengaruh pendidikan play therapy ini terhadap penguatan kecakapan-kecakapan saya sebagai staf pengajar dan juga sebagai konselor. Tampaknya pendekatan integratif dan holistik yang dilakukan dalam play terapi ini sangat efektif. Saya juga merasakan manfaat yang sangat besar karena kesempatan untuk melakukan riset praktis dalam play therapy terbuka lebar. Terimakasih."

Mrs. Detty Kussumardianadewi

Phone: 0816-480-8175. Mother of Tyasadi (age 10 years, Asperger's diagnosed), Students from the College of Allied Educators (Subsidiary of Linguistic Council) (Indonesian language class, first generation). "I am a mother of three children, and one of my children is a special needs child. At fourteen months, he had been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has now been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, also. Initially, I was overwhelmed with sadness, but as time passes and with sincerity as we receive the grace of God, we find that our struggles and efforts are much more important than constantly brooding and refusing to confront our circumstances such as they are. I am fully aware that we as parents are the main controllers, although not licensed therapists, we are, however, the one main companion who will always be beside our children. Therefore, it does not hurt us when we sacrifice our time, thoughts, energy and even money on their behalf; simply because there is nothing more important than any time that can be bought to spend with our children as they continue to grow. After I completed the diploma program at the College of Allied Educators (Subsidiary of Linguistic Council) (CAE), I am now reaping the benefits, among many things, for my son, even though he is 10 years old. I see there are a few things I still need to do, (my son and I have passed the first phase), I am trying to catch up even as I still apply whatever I can to our everyday lives and my child’s learning process, although in a different form, but I feel what I am doing is having no adverse effects on our progress. In addition, I have also learned a lot from sharing my experience and knowledge with the teachers, fellow participants (some of whom were psychologists), parents, therapists and observers. Therefore, either directly or indirectly, there are a lot of services and advice that I receive which help me personally and communicably, as I am now in a position to share with other people who are now experiencing what I have gone through. Bravo CAE!"

Dr. Priya Wadhwa, PhD

Contact Number: +65-816-762-210. Student of the College of Allied Educators (Subsidiary of Linguistic Council) in India. Thank you so much, sir. I greatly appreciate your generosity. I very much enjoyed the unique opportunity given to me to do the practicum at St. Clare, Singapore. St. Clare is a warm and caring institution with a pleasant working atmosphere. Your approach is the perfect mix of firmness and understanding. I truly respect and admire your work ethic. I honestly believe it was a good and valuable experience for me. Mr. Francis’ willingness to go above and beyond to help students did not go unnoticed as I have never met a more accessible teacher. Ms. Kelly's authoritative hold on the class has had a lasting impression on me. Again, thank you so much for helping make my dream a reality.

Mrs. Nannies Wiryoatmodjo

Telephone: 021-7658-303. Teacher & Former Head of State High School 34 & 36, Former Principal & Advisory Cita Buana (international & special schools), Principal Bina Abyakta (Shelter Workshop for Children with Autism), Education Consultant for the General & Special Schools, Jakarta – Indonesia. Training at the College of Allied Educators (Subsidiary of Linguistic Council), in particular for Special Needs Education, has provided an answer to my curiosity to understand why and how the attitudes and behavioral conditions of children with special needs or special needs circumstances of support. I also learned how to handle the conditions so I can help them optimally in gaining their independence. There is a source of very complex issues regarding the problems experienced by children with special needs, I received the benefit of the knowledge and skills of qualified coaches, teachers and fellow classmates who generally have a purpose; which is why they came together and committed for almost a year at the College of Allied Educators (Subsidiary of Linguistic Council). I was even able to learn from my classmates how to complement the students on how to solve problems of biological children with special needs, so I gained a wealth of invaluable knowledge on Special Needs Education.

Ms. Rhea Funtila

Contact Number: 0813-1887-7854 Teacher & Principal of Little Skool House, Jakarta in the Philippines, Student of the College of Allied Educators (Subsidiary of Linguistic Council) (August intake). Taking up this course is worthwhile. Educating people like us will make a difference in the lives of the children with special needs. These children have rights, like we all do. If more people would be made aware of their needs and how to help them, then more children would receive the necessary help to change their lives, to the make them better despite their disabilities. The council's aim is to raise awareness and to help children with special needs. It's been a few months since the course started and I can say that the council is doing a good job. The roommates lectures, conducted by the College of Allied Educators (Subsidiary of Linguistic Council), helped us understand more about the different cases of different learning disorders. The lecturers from Singapore are very good in their profession. Sharing their experiences with special needs children helped us understand the topics discussed in class.

Ms. Donna Tolosa

Contact Number: +65-815-8577-3993 (mobile) Student of the College of Allied Educators (Subsidiary of Linguistic Council) (Intake October 2008), Special Needs Coordinator at AIS, Jakarta (Australian International School) in the Philippines. As a special needs teacher, it is very important to take every opportunity to keep myself abreast of contemporary developments in the field of Special Education. The College of Allied Educators (Subsidiary of Linguistic Council) Diploma in Special Needs Management & Child Psychology is one opportunity I would not miss. Factor in the College of Allied Educators (Subsidiary of Linguistic Council) qualified lecturers, attachment supervised and supportive administrators who care for their students' individual needs and I know I made the right choice.

Mariana (Director PERHATI Counseling & Care Center)

Suatu training yang tidak terlupakan dari semua pengalaman training yang pernah saya ikuti di luar maupun di dalam negri. Dengan Trainer yang berkompeten dan Goal training yang jelas membuat peserta jelas apa yang ingin di capai. Suatu pembelajaran yang menurut saya sangat baik untuk memperlengkapi para profesional khusus nya dalam bidang pelayanan psikologi anak. Kehadiran training play therapy dan asosiasi play therapy di Indonesia ini membuat para profesional dapat lebih mudah memperlengkapi diri dengan skill yang lebih baik dalam praktek dan dengan biaya yang terjangkau. Overall, saya sangat senang bisa bergabung dengan asosiasi ini dan berharap lebih banyak profesional dapat mengalami pembelajaran di Collage of Allied Educators (CAE).

Suharni Sukara, Guru SDN Jembatan Besi 01 Pagi

(Ibu Suhari menjadi guru dan mengajar dari tahun 1986) Setelah belajar di PTKP2I (Pelatihan Kompetensi Tenaga Pendidik Pendidikan Inklusif), saya banyak belajar dan memahami tentang anak berkebutuhan khusus yang sebelumnya belum pernah saya dapatkan. Sejak dan setelah belajar, Allhamdulillah saya mengerti bagaimana menangani anak-anak yang perlu pelayanan khusus. Kebetulan sekolah tempat saya mengajar ditunjuk sebagai sekolah penyelenggara Inklusi. Di sekolah saya, anak berkebutuhan khusus banyak mengalami masalah dalam belajar dan lambat dalam belajar. Sebelum kuliah PTKP2I, kami para guru di sekolah memaksakan pelajaran kepada anak yang mengalami kesulitan dalam belajar sama seperti anak-anak lainnya yang tidak mengalami gangguan belajar, kita, guru, tahunya anak tersebut bodoh, padahal anak itu memang berbeda dan punya kebutuhan khusus. Modul yang paling menarik bagi saya adalah Assesment, saya belajar mengobservasi. Modul keberagaman anak juga membantu saya, saya jadi mengerti bahwa tidak semua anak itu kebutuhannya dan cara belajarnya sama. Banyak guru belum punya pemahaman tentang anak berkebutuhan khusus, seperti sekolah saya, tidak ada guru pendamping dan guru yang mengajar bukan lulusan dari pendidikan luar biasa. Jadi guru butuh sekali dibimbing, dibina dan dididik untuk bisa melayani anak-anak berkebutuhan khusus. Menurut saya, pelatihan seperti PTKP2I ini perlu ditingkatkan dan dilanjutkan lagi. Pesan saya kepada guru-guru, marilah kita banyak belajar, terus meningkatkan ilmu pengetahuan dan keterampilan agar dalam pelayanan mengajarnya menjadi maksimal.

Henny Puspita Wijaya, Spd

Saya guru TK Negeri (Jakarta Pusat). Selama 31 tahun mengajar saya banyak menemui anak-anak dengan gangguan perkembangan. Selama itu, saya dan guru lainnya mendidik anak berdasarkan pengalaman saja. Lalu saya mendapat kesempatan belajar PKTP2I (Pelatihan Kompentensi Tenaga Pendidik Pendidikan Inklusif). Di CAE saya mendapat pelajaran bagaimana menangani anak-anak dengan kebutuhan khusus dengan benar. Di PTKPI saya belajar banyak hal yang tidak saya dapat sebelumnya. Saya diajar bagimana mengenali tahap tumbuh kembang anak, bagaimana mengobservasi anak, bagaimana membuat program kegiatan belajar yang tepat untuk anak dan anak berkebutuhan khusus agar bisa bertumbuh dengan baik dan bisa mengikuti kegiatan belajar sama seperti anak lainnya. Pelajaran tentang Autisme misalnya, sebelum mendapat kuliah disini kami disekolah hanya memfokuskan hal-hal sosial untuk anak autism. Tapi setelah kuliah, saya tahu bagaimana menanganinya secara lanjut. Saya berterima kasih kepada Dinas DKI dan YIPABK (juga CAE) yang memberi kesempatan belajar juga, agar pendidikan anak khususnya anak berkebutuhan khususdi DKI jakarta dapat ditangani di sekolah dengan cara yang tepat dan efektif.